5 Best Puerto Rico Jazz Albums 2023: Chembo Corniel – Artistas, Músicos y Poetas

Wilson Chembo Corniel – Artistas, Músicos y Poetas

Master percussionist Wilson Chembo Corniel reappears with an eclectic work of excellent compositions in a tribute to the artists, musicians and poets.

From the first song “Volando con Pancho Terry”, the album creates an atmosphere of positivity and joy. In this song Chembo flies musically alongside , the great Master of the shèkeré Pancho Terry.

Ismael Carlo East and Felipe Luciano add poetry to P.R.I.D.E, a theme of Puerto Rican pride, and Red Hoook Rumba, a poetic account of Chembo Corniel’s career.

Artistas, Músicos y Poetas includes a variety of rhythms ranging from Cha chá to Puerto Rican Bomba and features notable guests, Héctor Martignon, Elio Villafranca, Vince Cherico, Rubén Rodríguez, Andrea Brachfeld, and Iván Renta, among others. All of them, friends and collaborators in past Chembo Corniel projects.

The album also contains excellent arrangements of Eddie Palmieri “Pa’la Ocha Tambo” and Thelonious Monk “Evidence”.

Music –1: Volando con Don Pancho Terry; 2: P.R.I.D.E; 3: Dalila; 4: Child of Wisdom; 5: Pa’la Ocha Tambo; 6: Lagrima de monte; 7: Big City Gossip; 8: Evidence; 9: Red Hook Rumba

Musicians: Wilson “Chembo” Corniel Jr: tumbadoras, cajon, bomba barrel, bàtá – itotèlé, quinta, shèkeré, gua-gua, clave [8], güiro, and percussion; Hery Paz: tenor saxophone and flute; Carlos Cuevas: piano and Fender Rhodes; Ian Stewart: electric bass; Joel E. Mateo: drums, harpsichord. Guests – Eladio “Don Pancho” Terry: shèkeré and voice [1]; Héctor Martignon: piano [5]; Elio Villafranca: piano [1]; Adán Pérez: piano [9]; Vince Cherico: drums [1]; Iván Llanes: drums [4, 5]; Rubén Rodríguez: bass [1]; Mike Viñas: bass [9]; Andrea Brachfeld: flute [1, 2]; Paul Carlon: tenor saxophone [2]; Iván Renta: tenor saxophone [1]; Agustín Someillan García: trumpet [4, 5]; Nelson Matthew González: primo bomba barrel and maraca [6]; Ángel “Cuqui” Lebron: trombone [9]; Ben Lapidus: tres Cubano and chorus [9]; Juan Aldahondo: cuatro [6]; Victor Rendón: bàtá – iya [5, 7] and shèkeré [2]; Yasuyo Kimura: shèkeré [2]; Cascadu Escayg: bàtá – okónkolo [5, 7]; José Costa: maracas [5]; Felipe Luciano: poet [9]; Ismael Carlo East: poet [2]

[Wilbert Sostre]

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