Terms and Conditions

Global Online Competition for Jazz Musicians - 5th Edition


Article 1 The Competition
The 7 Virtual Jazz Club’s Contest will be hosted on our official website www.7virtualjazzclub.net
Article 2 Who can participate?
The contest is open to jazz musicians, groups or soloists of all ages, worldwide. 
Article 3 Categories
The categories for the 2020 edition of the contest will be:
1) Pros & amateurs
2) Under 25
Article 4 How to partecipate
Any musician can participate by sending one or multiple videos, following the directions written on the APPLY NOW page of the website.
Article 5  Prizes and Awards 
The prizes and awards are specified in the HOME page of the website.
Article 6 Pre-entries and entries
Pre-entries will be open from April 1st to June 1st with a discount on the entry fee.
Entries will be open from June 2nd to October 15th.
NEW DEADLINE: November 1st, 2020
All the contestants of the previous editions can send two videos by paying just for one.
2020 Wild Card: Under 25 musicians coming from one of the following countries may send two videos paying just for one (being the second free): China, Italy, North and South Korea, Bulgaria, Spain, Portugal, Ukraine.
7 Virtual Jazz Club, if necessary, reserves the right to make changes the entry dates and limits, communicating any variation on the official website.
Article 7 Video Rules 
Videos may last up to, but cannot exceed 7 minutes in length. Performances must be recorded live, on any device (even a smartphone). No cuts or edits are allowed. Additional backing tracks to complete the arrangement are allowed. Soloists may perform solo or with a band.
NB: Video quality is not part of the judging. It is important, however, that the audio quality is sufficient to enable the judges to clearly hear the performance.
Article 8 How the contest works
8.1 Selections 
The video entries will be assigned to a group of judges (every group will be made of 3 to 5 ones), which will vote the videos applying the following criteria:  
- creativity;
- improvisational quality;
- interplay between the musicians (for group performances).
8.2 Assigning of videos to the international jury: our method
Each video performance will be assigned to a group in which the judges none of them belonging to the same geographic area of the evaluated musician.
8.3 Live performance and Web Community Prize
The best 50 videos will be posted in the 7 rooms of the 7 Virtual Jazz Club. The video performances will remain visible for 30 days. The web community will then have the opportunity to score the videos on YouTube, by liking or unliking the videos. Each voter may rate a video only once. The voters will need to have a Google or YouTube account in order to vote. By the end of this round,  the 3 most voted musicians will win the Web Community Prize which grants them direct access to the final.
8.4 The Final 
For the Pros&Amateurs and Under25 categories, the two musicians (or more in case of equal votes) with the highest score (in each group of judges) access to the final will be also granted to the 3 Web Community Prize winners.
8.5 Jury Prizes
The complete jury will evaluate the finalists for the two categories. By crossing the rankings of all the judges, the prizes will be assigned to the first 3 ranked for each category.
Article 9 Responsibility 
According to Italian law, any contestant waives the organization from all direct and indirect responsibility.
Article 10 Confirmation of registration 
The organization will confirm registration with an automatic email. Confirmation of registration does not confirm inclusion in the contest. Some submissions might be found not eligible.
Article 11 Consent to the processing of personal data 
Participation in the 5th online international competition for jazz musicians involves the issuance of consent to the processing of personal data, as provided under Italian Law 675/96 "Protection of people and other subjects regarding the processing of personal data" and subsequent amendment with Legislative Decree no. 196 of 30 June 2003 "Code regarding the protection of personal data," for the conduct and management of the competition. By submitting the requested material, the competitor authorizes the use of it by the 7 Virtual Jazz Club. Personal information will not be shared with third parties in any way.
Article 12 Other uses of the material sent for promotional purposes
By applying and accepting this Regulation, artists allow 7 Virtual Jazz Club to use the material sent for any promotional purpose and publicity tied to it. 


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