The 1st Edition Judging Panel – 2016

Filippo Bianchi (Italy) Director of Musica Jazz for ten years and winner of the Django d’Or (2003)
Nick Davies (United Kingdom) Journalist and critic for All About Jazz
Emmanuelle De Decker (India) Art director for the GOA Jazz Festival
Elisabeth Meza (Mexico) Composer and singer from Mexico City
Emmanuel Di Costanzo (France) Musician and teacher
Fernando Rodriguez de Mondesert (Dominican Republic) Art director of Jazz en Dominicana
Gianfranco Continenza (Italy) Guitarist, composer and teacher
Michael Pronko (Japan) Journalist and critic for Newsweek Japan, The Japan Times, Jazz in Japan
Maurizio Franco (Italy) Musicologist, teacher and essayist.
Walter Kolosky (USA) Critic for Jazz Magazine, Jazz Improv Magazine.
Charlie Crooijmans (Netherlands) Journalist and radio speaker for VPRO
Sandra Costantini (Italy) Art director for Jazz Network
Callum Haire (United Kingdom) Violinist and composer.
Marcela Breton (Colombia) Critic for Jazz Notes, Jazz Times
Valerio Pappi (Italy) Guitarist and composer, art director of 7VJC
Eric DOC Smith (USA) Musician for Edgestone Record
José Deluna (Spain) Musician and teacher


The 1st Edition winners – 2016

The first prize went to the German saxophonist Nicole Johanntgen, with Flugmodus.

The second prize went to the young Spanish band The Jazz Fingers, with Bill Tone

The third prize went to the Dominican pianist Miguel Andrès Tejada, with Rumbeando.