Tecnica Armonica per chitarra (Valerio Pappi)

Tecnica armonica per chitarra (Valerio Pappi) The intent of this treatise is to clarify and expand on some aspects of functional harmony and provide suggestions on the use and execution of voicings applicable to the guitar, starting from classic triads and tetrads and moving to more elaborate solutions. I introduced the topic by briefly explaining…

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Peter Slavid

Radio Playlist by Peter Slavid

Mike Westbrook Johnny Come Lately Band of Bands Westbrook Records Orlando LeFleming Don’t dwell on it Wandering Talk Whirlwind Maxed Out Fluty EP self Tabea Kind Ostinato Fragments Loumi Records Smag På Dig Selv White Man Plays Afrobeat SPDS Stunt Records Nikolov-Ivanović Undectet Scream Dystopia Rue de Balkan Stemeseder Lillinger Quartet Neue Form Umbra II…

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¨Jazz en Dominicana: The Interviews 2023¨ Fernando Rodríguez De Mondesert publishes new book

Ukiyoto Publishing Co. has just published the new book by Fernando Rodríguez De Mondesert: “Jazz en Dominicana: The Interviews 2023”. This is his sixth title, and fifth in the interview series. With an introduction by César Namnúm, this new publication highlights 9 interviews with musicians Junior Santos (percussion); Melvin Rodriguez (guitar); Alvaro Dinzey (piano); Luis…

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John Fenton

7VJC Interview: Mauro Sigura

There is something about the oud that awakens the deepest of emotions. Like the sound of an ancient temple gong, it resonates soulfully. It is primarily a modal instrument, using ‘Maqams scales’, a system as complex and varied as the modes used by Coltrane. So, when the chance arose to interview a Jazz oud player,…

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Paul Smith

Applications For 11th Edition Are Now Open!

June 2, 2024 – The 7VJC open the 11th edition of its international improvised music contest to all musical genres, not just jazz. Thanks to its 10 years of global experience, its high-quality jury, and the use of cutting-edge technologies, the 7VJC Contest is ready to give to all musicians visibility in every corner of…

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Wilbert Sostre

Puerto Rico Jazz History – A brief History of Jazz in Puerto Rico

The initial contact of Puerto Ricans with the first manifestations of Jazz is the result of the United States invasion of Puerto Rico in 1898. With the arrival of the US troops, their customs and music also arrived. The orchestras at the different towns in Puerto Rico kept their musical offer of Danzas, Plenas and…

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Sign-ups are officially open! Pick your category, Jazz or Beyond Jazz, upload your best video, and compete in the biggest global improvised music showdown ever! Deadline: September 27, 2024.


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