7VJC Academy



This is a space for teachers who want to offer their lessons via streaming or recorded, and for students who can choose the lesson they find most useful, as well as their preferred teacher and language.

Do you want to expand knowledge of your instrument?
Do you want to learn how to better navigate the jazz music scene?
Do you want to study new methods to improve your performances?
Teachers from well-known jazz schools from all over the world can help you via streamed lessons.
Help us understand what type of e-learning lessons would interest you by answering this little survey.

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Provides you with this page for offering your streaming lessons (via Google Meet, Zoom, or other platforms of your choice) on instrument, harmony, theory, ensemble music and singing.

The 7VJC Network, with its 10 years of experience in the jazz industry, will promote you worldwide through its channels and partners.
With us, thousands of students will have the opportunity to choose the lessons and teachers they prefer every day.

What are the conditions?
• You decide on the compensation, which is entirely to your benefit (7VJC does not retain any percentage);
• You decide on the language;
• You decide on the duration of the lessons;
• We provide you with our broad and global audience.

What do we ask of you?
• To become one of our teachers from around the world, you will need to purchase an annual membership for only 10 euros;
• Interested students will have the opportunity to have a 15-minute trial lesson to get to know you and understand if and how to continue.

Do you have pre-recorded video lessons?
• We can upload them to our Academy and sell them at the price you desire. 7VJC will only retain a minimal percentage for management expenses.

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