7VJC Contest

The 7 Virtual Jazz Club International Contest is the one and only on-line jazz contest in the world.
Since 2016 we have been discovering jazz talent and spreading the love for jazz. music. The contest is open to jazz musicians, groups or soloists of all ages, worldwide.

10th Edition categories
Amateurs: soloists and bands of all ages, all nationalities. Artists must be fully independent (i.e. no booking agents, no recording company or publisher)
Pros: all other musicians not belonging to the category of «Amateur».

Important: by paying the registration fee, you will be a member of the 7 Virtual Jazz Club Network

New deadline
February 29th, 2024

Amateur musicians: pay 25 €uros for the first video and 15 €uros for all other video entries.
Professional musicians: pay 50 €uros for the first video and 15 €uros for all other video entries.

Upload video performances no longer than 7 minutes long with maximum file size of 500Mb.
Any format is accepted.

Voting Criteria
TVideo entries will be assigned to our judges who score each piece in three specific areas:
– creativity;
– improvisation quality;
– interplay between the musicians (for group performances).

Our Method
Each video performance will be assigned to judges not belonging to the geographic area of the musician
under evaluation.
The best 50 videos (25 for each category) will be streamed on our official website