The 5th Edition Judging Panel – 2020

Geila Zilkha (vocalist, teacher) – Japan
Gegè Telesforo (musician, producer) – Italy
Patricia Johnston (producer & artist manager) – France
Dubi Lenz (journalist, art director “The Red Sea Jazz Festival”) – Israel
Howard Mandel (president of the Jazz Journalists Association) – USA
Chris Hodgkins (producer, broadcaster for Jazz London Radio) – UK
Fernando R. de Mondesert (Jazz Journalist Association) – Dominican Republic
Hryar Attarian (journalist for All About Jazz) – USA
Arthur Satyan (musician, teacher) – Armenia
Marcela Breton (Jazz Journalist Association) – Colombia
Arnaldo DeSouterio (journalist, Producer, member of JJA) – Brazil
Debbie Mari (teacher at the UKZN – School of Music Jazz Studies) – South Africa
Jan Fritz (producer, editor) – Germany
Peter Slavid (broadcaster) – UK
Nigel J. Farmer (Artistic director Jazz in Europe) – Netherlands
John Fenton (Jazz Journalists Associations) – New Zealand
Peter H. Larsen (critic and journalist) – Denmark
Jiaowei Hu (All about Jazz) – China
Leonidas Antonopoulos (Journalist) – Greece
Virgil Mihaiu (writer) – Romania
Mirian Arbalejo (Jazz journalist) – Spain
Kornél Zipernovszky (Jazz Journalist) – Hungary
Jagadeesh Ramanujam Mudambi (Jazz teacher) – India
Victor Ovchinnikov (Jazz Journalist) – Ukraine
Anna Berglund (musician) – Sweden
Josef Woodard (Jazz journalist) – USA

The 5th Edition winners – 2020

Pros & Amateurs’ Category

The jury prize for the best musician  has been assigned to the Brazilian vocalist Camila Ronza which presented the song “Nilopolitano“.
Second Prize to the English saxophonist Alex Hitchcock for “Points of contact“.
Third Prize to Aubrey Logan feat. Hagelsag for “Airport codes” and to the Canadian trumpeter Rachel Therrien for “V per Vena”.

Under 25 Category

The Jury prize for the best Under 25 has been assigned to the Italian pianist Tommaso Perazzo which presented the song “The rocket blues”.
Second Prize (€ 500 plus a live concert in the Jazz Club Ferrara – Italy) to the band NAUSYQA for “To those who fight“.
Third Prize: Spanish band Chai Masters for “Bulerìa“.

The Taklit Publishing & Promotion agency gave the honorable mention to the young Italian trumpeter Davide Battista and Indonesian guitarist Daniel Dyonisius.