About us

7 Virtual Jazz Club is a non-profit association dedicated to the support of jazz music in all its forms. Our goal is to promote, through a virtual platform, top quality jazz performances and to discover new talents. In order to do so, we thought of an entirely online contest is spread all around the globe and is totally transparent. The Contest is the very first ever held: it is a unique musical competition for solo artists, bands, and singers of any age from all over the world.

«...an innovative competition» 
Hrayr Attarian (USA) - All About Jazz

«The videos submitted to the 7 Virtual Jazz Club's contest demonstrate the global reach of jazz, and are helping to shape the future of the music in rich and unexpected ways»
Marcela Breton (Colombia) - Jazz Journalist Association

«Es un honor para mi persona formar parte de éste distinguido panel desde los inicios de la competentia en el 2016»
Fernando Rodriguez de Mondesert (Dominican Republic) - Director of Jazz en Dominicana



1. To establish a permanent platform aimed at the discussion and performance of jazz musicians from all over the world;
2. To create a new audience for jazz music with the help of 21st century social media's possibilities;
3. To feature new jazz artists and talents;
4. To give jazz musicians the possibility to be heard and evaluated by an international judging panel made of jazz critics and experts coming from all over the world.

7 Virtual Jazz Club Team


Valerio Pappi
Creator & Artistic Director
Giorgia Stefania Gabetto
General Manager & Press Department
Edoardo Pappi
International Communications Manager
Andrea Ciprandi
Marketing Manager

Giacomo Giovannini
Graphic Designer
Angela Tampieri
Account Manager - France
Kira Labri
Account Manager - Spain & Antilles
Irina Voevodina
Account Manager - Russia
7 Virtual Jazz Club Association
Giorgia Stefania Gabetto
Anna Bentivoglio 
Marco Conforti


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