Juan Posso Jazz Trio from Ecuador to the Dominican Republic

Ecuadorian jazz group Juan Posso Jazz Trio, one of the finalists of the 7VJC Contest 2021 edition by presenting their original composition “Cambio de Lugar”. Once the contest was over we wrote to each other and started a friendship.

Considered as excellent was the news where they informed me that via our contacts they were invited to participate in the 2023 version of the SAJOMA Jazz Festival, known as Jazz en Las Lomas, in the city of San José de las Matas in the Dominican Republic. The groups participation would be on Saturday, November 25 within the programming of the festival. Taking advantage of the trip to the country, we extended another invitation to them so as to perform a concert on Friday, November 24 at the renowned live jazz venue in Santo Domingo, the Fiesta Sunset Jazz.

Juan Alejandro Posso Cordero is a musician, composer, producer, and educator, born in Quito, Ecuador. He specialized in instrumental performance of drums, vibraphone and symphonic percussion. He has a solid knowledge of classical music, contemporary music, technology and music production. He obtained a “Magna Cum Laude” degree from Berklee College of Music-Valencia Campus and a “Cum Laude” at USFQ (Berklee BIN). He has participated in different festivals in Europe, Asia, North America and South America where he performed shows and recordings with national and international artists. He currently resides in the USA-Winner of the PhD Scholarship in Jazz Performance from the Frost School of Music – University of Miami program. Posso’s compositions have been published in the book Poéticas Sonoras Latinoamericanas edited by the National University of the Arts of Argentina and the University of the Arts of Ecuador, as well as in the magazine Sonocordia.

Posso is the creator of the Juan Posso Jazz Trío and will be accompanied by his great friends, the excellent musicians Miguel Gallardo (piano) and Fernando Alvarado (double bass), to together present credentials to the public of the Dominican Republic.

Posso, Gallardo and Alvarado present original compositions, as well as improvisations in which they bring together harmonies and rhythmic concepts, creating a modern sound through their interpretation that allows for a great connection between the musicians and the audience. Its varied and eclectic repertoire of contemporary jazz songs that emerge, in turn, from influences from various genres and musical elements, for example, the rhythmic nature of jazz, the energetic nature of rock and Afro-Ecuadorian music, which come together in the material. of Juan and the trio.

The two presentations by the Juan Posso Jazz Trio will be:

Fiesta Sunset Jazz presents: from Ecuador, the Juan Posso Jazz Trio
Date: Friday November 24th
Time: 8:00p.m.
Place: Dominican Fiesta Hotel & Casino
Address: Ave. Anacaona 101 – Mirador Sur
City: Santo Domingo
Price: No Cover
Reservations: 809-562-8222

SAJOMA Jazz Festival
Date: Saturday November 25th
Time: 8:00p.m.
Place: Sala de Asambleas Coop. San José
Address: Guajaca, entrance to San José de las Matas
City: San José de las Matas


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