The winners 2019 EditionThe winners 2019 Edition

The winners 2019 Edition

The 7 Virtual Jazz Club is proud to announce the winners of the 2019 edition of the contest.

Pros & Amateurs’ Category
The jury prize for the best musician (€ 2,000 plus a live concert in the Jazz Club Ferrara- Italy) has been assigned to the French vibraphonist Simon Moullier which presented the song “Thriller- Workin Day & Night".
Under 25 Students’ Category
The Jury prize for the best Under 25 Student (€ 700 plus a proposal contract offered by JazzMedia & More) has been assigned to the American trumpet player Evan Taylor which presented the song “Come On Over Here”.


The Taklit Publishing & Promotion agency gave the honorable mention to the Ukrainian Shekband because of the great talent of their members given their young age.

Web Community Prize has been assigned to Algorhythm (Canada) with the song "Why now".

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