After the 7 years experience with the 7 Virtual Jazz Club Contest - the first and only online global competition for jazz musicians - together with the support of an international network of industry specialists (teachers, producers, musicians, journalists and music critics) sharing the goal of introducing new generations to a career in jazz, the 7 Virtual Jazz Club is now hosting its first jazz masterclass, in close partnership with teachers from world-class conservatories and renowned musicians. 
The 7VJC masterclasses offer highly advanced musical improvement for jazz musicians of all ages and nationalities. The masterclasses are geared to medium-to-high level musicians who already own a good knowledge of theory, improvisation and jazz playing.
Thanks to this project, the 7VJC is offering an extraordinary opportunity for artistic and professional improvement.
Each course will dig deeper into specific topics, such as: 
1) Theory and practice of the improvisation (harmony, rhythm and melody);
2) Technique
3) Interpretation;
4) Ensemble
The maximum capacity per course is 15 students.
If there is an overload of requests, the criterium adopted will be first come, first served.
All students participating in the masterclasses will receive an end-of-course diploma and a 7VJC t-shirt.
The masterclasses will be held in Comacchio, a town by the seaside renowned for its strategic position (1h from Venice, 30 minutes from Chioggia, 1h from Bologna), a charming location very popular in Italy for its canals close to the source of the river Po and its superb cuisine. 
For more information or inquiries, send an email to masterclass7vjc@gmail.com
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