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The 8th edition Judging Panel
John Fenton (New Zealand) – President of the Jury 
Member of the Jazz Journalists Association, videographer and photographer. His blog was recently assessed by Blog Feed as being among the top 50 Jazz blogs worldwide.
Fernando Rodriguez de Mondesert (Dominican Republic) - Founder and Director of Jazz en Dominicana.
Howard Mandel (USA) - President of the Jazz Journalists Association, 
Hiroki Sugita (Japan) - Director of jazz website “PJ Portrait in jazz”.  
Andrea Keller (Australia) - Andrea Keller is a composer and improviser. 
Jorge Grimaldos (Spain) - Musician and producer that has been presenting and directing the radio program and specialized web site Jazz Time Magazine for 20 years;
Tor Hammerø (Norway) - Reknowned Norwegian journalist. He has been working mainly with the biggest Norwegian commercial TV-channel TV 2 for almost 20 years;
Boris Jourdain (France) - More than 20 years in the jazz industry. Mainly booking agent (In Vivo Agency), also involved in management (Continuité du Torrent) and album production (Sound Surveyor Music);
Debbie Mari (South Africa) - Vocalist and pianist. She is a Lecturer in the Jazz Studies programme at the University of KwaZulu-Natal, School of Arts (Music).
Alain Derbez (Mexico) - Poet, narrator, essayist, song writer and musician 
Krzysztof Komorek (Poland) - Polish journalist, founder and editor of Donos kulturalny.  
Kodi Hutchinson (Canada) - Known as the host of CKUA’s ‘A Time for Jazz’, Kodi also heads award-winning record label, Chronograph Records
Peter Slavid (UK) - Peter broadcasts The European Jazz Hour on a number of internet and local radio stations and also writes for London Jazz News. 
Jan Fritz (Germany) - Founder of the agency JAZZMEDIA & MORE 
Vangelis Aragiannis (Greece) - Has been writing music reviews for over twenty years, published in various publications and websites (among them is the www.jazzntzaz.gr magazine). 
Arnaldo DeSouteiro (Brazil) - Record Producer (Verve, CTI, JSR, Milestone, Sony and other labels), Jazz & Brazilian Music Historian, Manager, Journalist, Publicist, Screenplay Writer, Arranger, Composer, Percussionist, Educator, member of Jazz Journalists Association, and voting member of NARAS-GRAMMY;
Jagadeesh Ramanujam Mudambi (India) - Director of the Bangalore School of Music, heading the Jazz & Contemporary music Dept.
Jason Lee (China) - Exposed to jazz during high school, he became immersed in this music idiom and going to live jazz music in the Asia International City;
Arthur Satyan (Armenia) - Armenia-born jazz pianist, composer and educator. 
Marcela Breton (Colombia) - A Colombian-born jazz and literary critic. She is the editor of Hot and Cool : Jazz Short Stories and Rhythm and Revolt : Tales of the Antilles. 
Hrayr Attarian (USA) - Journalist for All About Jazz, Chicago Jazz Magazine and Jazziz. Member of the Jazz Journalists Association; 
Anna-Maria Nitschke (Netherlands) - Vocalist & songwriter and senior producer of the Jazz Department at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam
Geila Zilkha (Japan) - Jazz Vocalist, singer, songwriter, educator. 
Eddie Becton (USA) - He is a writer, producer, broadcaster, and professor. He taught History of Jazz in America at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, as well as other courses in the African American Studies Department.
Kathryn Shackleton (UK) - Currently booking the artists for Watermill Jazz in Dorking, UK
Dubi Lenz (Israel) - Broadcaster, editor, artistic director of The Red Sea Jazz Festival - 
Beatriz Ortega (Spain) - FeminaJazz Festival founder and producer, Beatriz Ortega  is the director and CEO of her own agency representing a variety of jazz talent from Spain. 
Lars Thor Jensen (Denmark) - Lars Thor Jensen is project manager at JazzDanmark and has been working there since 2011. 
Jacopo Guidi (Italy) - Siena Jazz Artistic and Didactic Director, since 2014 Music Director of Un Tubo Jazz Club in Siena
Iliana Ilieva (Bulgaria) - Iliana founded Big Bang Booking & Management Agency in 2015. 
Mery Zimny (Poland) - Mery Zimny is a music journalist based in Kraków, Poland. Co-founder of internet radio JAZZKULTURA. She collaborates with the Jazz Forum magazine. She also wrote to: Jazzpress, Gazeta Magnetofonowa, Ruch Muzyczny. For 2,5 years had worked at Off Radio Kraków.
Ralph Gluch (Switzerland) - Ralph Gluch works for 35 years as booking-agent. Collaboration among others at the moment with Craig Taborn, Ray Anderson, Erika Stucky, Tim Berne, Vadim Neselovskyi, Hank Roberts, Zoh Amba, Tomeka Reid, Luciano Biondini.
Ermanno Basso (Italy) - Since 1997 he has been producer and label manager of the Kepach Music group based in Rome and New York, with a catalog of over 1000 titles
Adam Simmons (Australia) - Producer, Musician and editor for Dingo (Australian Jazz Journal). 
Catherine Tackley (UK) - Professor Catherine Tackley is Vice President of the Royal Musical Association, a member of the UK Government’s Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport’s College of Experts
Aya Al Azab (Poland) - Aya Al Azab is a musicologist and journalist of Polish-Jordanian roots specializing in blues and jazz music. She collaborates with the „JazzPRESS” magazine and the „Twój Blues” quarterly.  
Mirian Arbalejo (Spain) - Mirian Arbalejo is a jazz critic and author. She's a member of the Jazz Journalists Association (JJA) 
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The winners - 8th edition
Pros & Amateurs category
1st place: Sandia Band (Israel) with the song "Sabres"
2nd place: Anthony Fung + Strings (USA) with the song "A call for peace"
Under 25's category
1st place: Sasha Berliner 5et (USA) with the song "Shade of Jade"
2nd place: Tuva Halse 5et (Norway) with the song "Ambivalent"
The Web Community Prize's went to Sandia Band (Israel) with the song "Sabres" for the Pros & Amateurs’ Category, for the Under 25 Category it went to David Luca Jazz Trio (Romania) with the song "A Night in Tunisia"
Best arrangement prize to Anthony Fung + Strings (USA) with the song "A call for peace"
Best original composition to Mindtree (Slovenia) with the song "Mindtrip"
Best soloist prize to the vibraphonist Sasha Berliner (USA)
Innovation prize to Thierry Maillard Trio Moog Project (France) with the song "Free as an eagle"
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