FINALISTS 2019 Edition

Pros & Amateurs' category

  • The Path (Sam Tessier Quintet) France
  • Moksha Music (Ivo Neame Quartet) UK
  • Aumale Le Sherif (Stephane Mercier Sextet) Belgium
  • Effortlessly (Tolvan Big Band) Sweden
  • Bro Yussef (The Co-workers) Italy
  • No danger (Abraham Réunion) France
  • That 80´s Opener (Oleksandr Ryndenko (sax solo)) Ukraine
  • Colors (Tom Ibarra Group) France
  • Thriller - Workin Day & Night (Simon Moulier) France
  • Gallactic Collision (Weezdob Collective) Poland
  • Pathfinding (Jacob Norgren Jazz Orchestra) Sweden
  • Or not (Stefan Aeby) Switzerland
  • Evil Parade (André Carvalho Group) Portugal
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Under 25 Students' category

  • Tenderly (Nikos Chatzitsakos Tiny Big Band) Greece
  • Come On Over Here (Evan Taylor) USA
  • Flores en el Pelo (Litha) Spain
  • The year after (Ariel Bart's Quintet) Israel
  • Mambo Inn (Kasyfi Kalyasyena) Indonesia
  • See you in June (Silvan Joray Trio) Switzerland
  • When the glimpses are true (Michelangelo Scandroglio Group) Italy
  • From day to day (Nikolai Mishchenko) Russia
  • A smile (Francesco Pollon) Italy
  • It could happen to you (Boris Grigoryan Trio) Russia
  • Why now (Algorhythm) Canada
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