Fernando Rodriguez de Mondesert (Dominican Republic)

Member of the Jazz Journalist Association, journalist for All About Jazz, Jazz Times Digital and various newspapers in the Dominican Republic. He is the Founder and Director of Jazz en Dominicana.

Fernando Rodriguez de Mondesert (Dominican Republic)
He writes for his Jazz Blog (only page dedicated to promoting jazz in the Dominican Republic and it's musicians, composers and other related -http://jazzendominicana.blogspot.com), promotes Jazz in the country and manages three weekly live Jazz venues.  He also writes in All About Jazz, JazzTimes Digital and various newspapers in the Dominican Republic; frequently invited to Radio and TV programs to ¨talk shop¨ on Jazz.
Born in the Dominican Republic, he moved to Hempstead, NY as a very young child, studying grade school, high school and college in the US. Attended the University of Houston, studyingn Hotel & Restaurant Manager, and, after moving back to the Dominican Republic in 1982 worked with the Sheraton Hotel before initiating a 20+ year career in the International Courier and Cargo Logistics field. From 1984 to 2005 held various top managerial positions in Bic Pac Island Couriers, Federal Express, Caribetrans and DHL, including being Country Manager of the latter.
In 2006 he founded Jazz en Dominicana, thus turning his hobby and lifetime love into a full fledged business with a niche market in the country. 
The primary goal was the promotion of Dominican musical talents in the genre of Jazz. The blog has to date published over 1,360 articles, festival & concert reviews, interviews, biographies, photographs and more about what Fernando likes to call ¨los músicos del patio¨ (the musicians from our backyard).
Since September of 2007, Jazz en Dominicana have created and run various live music venues that provide the public with original and sometimes unique live concerts by mostly local musicians.  During this period they have held over 1,000 events in which many groups made their official debut or presented their musical concepts; thematic concerts; tributes and more - the  public in attendance has enjoyed all kinds of Jazz, Blues, Bossa and others. They have lived enriching moments of instrumental jazz and vocal presentations by more than 220 musicians and vocalists from all over our country and visiting artists from Haití, México, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Jamaica, Curacao, Aruba, Spain, France, Italy, Russia, Holland, Denmark, Belgium, Israel, Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela, Peru, Chile, Canada and the United States. If an average of 85 in attendance per event is used, more than 85,000 have so far enjoyed these.
He is a voting member of the Jazz Journalist Association.


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