DO UT DES (AB Quartet) – 2022

DO UT DES is a well-known Latin motto which, when translated into the degrees of the temperament scale and according to the Latin-Germanic denomination, can take on motivic connotations (DO UT DES = DO DO REb) from which to germinate unprecedented and surprising sound combinations of absolute novelty. DO UT DES is a vital reference when grasping the overall meaning and complexity of this record.

But it can also sound like the legitimacy of revisiting artistic material with re-creative purposes and aesthetically justifying the appropriation of others inventions to feed some of their own. “DO UT DES” or “Here are our musical inventions. We give them to you as long as you can express your gratitude to us in the future, paying homage with your re-creations to the memory of the imperishable spectabilitas et suavitas della nostra ars “.


AB Quartet
Antonio Bonazzo – piano
Cristiano Da Ros – double bass
Fabrizio Carriero – drums
Francesco Chiapperini – clarinet and sax


[Antonio Bonazzo]

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