Nicole Johanntgen

Nicole Johanntgen

Nicole Johänntgen is a german jazz alto and soprano saxophone player and composer, founder of the womens business program SOFIA - Support Of Female Improvising Artists and Kids Jazz Club. 
After completing her studies in jazz and popular music at the Mannheim University of Applied Sciences and the Masters Class in Stroudsburg, USA, she is now deepening her knowledge in the field of musicology at the University of Zurich.
She was awarded as the first place of the first edition of our the contest in 2016. 
She has recorded and released 17 albums to date in the jazz genre with influences from classical music, film music and funk.
Her stunning performance was defined by the judges as "a rare balance of lyricism and fiery spontaneity" "The interaction among the various members is delightfully thrilling and the seamless mix of influences reflects the universality of improvised music"
She is a versatile musician. This is a result of her broad musical education on piano and saxophone. She is always open for new ways in music and is inspired by walks, birdsong and social activities.


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