Jagadeesh Ramanujam Mudambi (India)

Director of the Bangalore School of Music, heading the Jazz & Contemporary music Dept., Music Relations, concerts, events, programming. He was also involved in programming, producing a Jazz programme on air on Radio Indigo as well as a world music show in syndication with Putumayo World Music.

Jagadeesh Ramanujam Mudambi (India)
Self taught guitar player, composer and founder of MoonArra, based in Bengaluru, India, Jagadeesh is an experienced guitarist performing with pop, rock, jazz and fusion ensembles for three decades. From a young age, Jagadeesh was exposed to Indian Classical sounds as well as Western Classical music. Playing both nylon guitar and electric steel string guitar, has been collaborating with Dr. Prakash Sontakke & Karthik Mani, Pianist Norbert Kael & Percussionist Tamas Siska from Hungary, Aion Quartet Switzerland,  Saxophone players Peter Natterer from Austria, Phil Scarff USA and and Biggi Vinkeloe Sweden, Flautist Leszek Wisniowski from Poland, Moroccan artist Gnawa Mal-em-Abdellah, Israeli Jazz Band Katamon Cherry, Malaysia based drummer Lewis Pragasam and Asiabeat, Indonesian drummer Gilang Ramadhan, santoor maestro Pt. Tarun Bhattacharya and his ensemble, ghatam vidwan virtuoso Smt. Sukanya Ramagopal, Australia based guitarist Tommy Smith, Khanjira Vidwan Amrit, flautists Pt. Milind Date and Vidwan Ravichandra Kollur, percussionist Muthu Kumar, jazz guitarist Gerard Machado, Carlos Gonsalves amongst others. Jagadeesh also performed with sax payer Ian Ballamy and drummer  Thomas Stronen as part of Prakash Sontakke's Global Music Festival. . His interest in flamenco music led him to Spain where he spent a month studying under Juan Maria Paul in Sevilla.  Jagadeesh also developed an interest in playing the Oud after a trip to Cairo, Egypt. As Head of Events at Radio Indigo (till 2008) Jagadeesh was instrumental in conceptualising a number of international quality concert events,  reviving and putting together what is arguably Bangalore's finest and one of India's best Jazz Festivals - The Indigo & Blues Festival in 2007 - and in 2009 a 3 Day Jazz Festival at the UB City for the Bengaluru Habba.  Jagadeesh continues to network with musicians both locally and internationally as part of his events interest.  
Jagadeesh is the Director of the Bangalore School of Music, heading the Jazz & Contemporary music Dept., Music Relations, concerts, events, programming, etc.
Curator of Music Festivals & Concerts
Jazz Utsav in 2003 
Jazz concerts involving local and International artists
in 2007 Indigo & Blues International Jazz Festival
Bengaluru Habba Jazz Festival in 2009 
in 2012 BSM Jazz Fest and in 
2018 and 2019 Curator of The International Jazz Day Bengaluru (UNESCO)
2016-to current – East West Music & Dance Encounter
All of these festivals featured local Indian as well as International artists from Europe and was possible because of  Consular support and local sponsors
Founded by Jagadeesh Ramanujam Mudambi, and his vocalist songwriter wife Madhuri Jagadeesh, MoonArra Indian Classical, Jazz and World Fusion is an ensemble  based in Bengaluru, India. MoonArra means “three streams” and was formed in 2006 as a fusion of the interaction and collective influences of Indian Classical, Jazz and World Music Influences of its members. As part of its explorations and to collaborate and connect with musicians and audiences worldwide, MoonArra are also ambassadors of culture bringing the message of peace and harmony, goodwill and tolerance in today’s environment.
MoonArra has had 9 international overseas concert performance tours since 2009.
Particularly over the last 2 years from 2016-2017, MoonArra has performed in Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, Poland and  Ireland, as part of a concert tour, workshop and a studio collaboration with Austrian based musician and saxophone player Peter Natterer  which resulted in the album ‘Lily Walking’, which was released online in 2017 on itunes, spotify and other online sites.
A special feature was 2015’s festival performance at the 16th edition of Tanjazz Festival, “Jazz of 5 Continents” in Tangiers, Morocco between Sep 9 to Sep 13 to rave reviews by the media and the audience which comprised of French, Spanish, Italian and Moroccan people. The festival was also part of UNESCO’s 70th Anniversary Celebrations and its message of “Jazz for Peace and Goodwill and inter-cultural dialogue and presence of Jazz in education, science and culture.
In all, Moonarra performed two concerts and a workshop as part of the Tanjazz festival.  A special highlight of the festival, was the finale at the Italian Palazzo, collaboration by MoonArra with Dar Gnawa Maalem Abdellah and his team of musicians and this was billed as “India Meets Africa”.  
MoonArra’s other Significant International Festival  Performances - 
Tanjazz 2015 International "Jazz of 5 Continents Festival" at Tangiers, Morocco Sep 8 to 14 2015.
Java Jazz Festival in Indonesia March5-8 2009
Bangkok Jazz Festival March 10-15 2010 
Invited by internationally renowned drummer Lewis Pragasam to perform at the inaugural of Little India in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia on Oct 28 2010. 
Asiabeat Anthology Launch in KL Malaysia in Dec 2012
Delhi International Jazz Festival on Mar 17 2012
International Jazz Day in Goa, Hyd – 2013/2014/2015
Fete De La Musique 3 city tour Chennai-Ahmedabad, Blr by Alliance Francaise Bangalore  in India 2010
Bengaluru Habba 2006-2011
Indigo & Blues International Jazz festival 2007-2016
East West Music & Dance Encounter – 2006 and 2016
Madfest (Music, Art & Dance Fest) in Ooty on April 5th 2012.   
Fireflies festival 2011


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