Global Online Competition for Jazz Musicians 2017 Edition


1st prize (Jury Prize): 3000 Euros to the best musician (soloist/band)

2nd prize (Web Community Prize): 1000 Euros to the most voted musician by the web community (on YouTube). 


The 7 Virtual Jazz Club is proud to announce the 2nd annual Global Online Contest for Jazz Musicians. The competition is open to amateur or professional jazz groups, vocalists and soloists of all ages from around the world. See Terms and Conditions.

Our mission
1. Establish a permanent network platform for discussion and performance for jazz musicians from all over the world;
2. Bring jazz music to new audiences through 21st century media;
3. Feature new jazz artists;
4. Give jazz musicians the opportunity to have their music evaluated by a judging panel of international jazz industry experts.

The international judging panel 
Video entries will be seen by jazz industry experts comprised of musicians, teachers, music critics and organizers of jazz events and festivals.

How the Contest works:
The competition will be held in two rounds:

1. Preselections and Jury Prize

The video entries will be divided into randomly selected groups. Each group will be assigned to three  members of the international judging panel whom will score the video with these criteria: 

- creativity;
- improvisational quality;
- interplay between the musicians (for group performances). 

The top-graded 70 videos will make it through the next round and will be presented "live" on the 7 Virtual Jazz Club platform. 

Each judge will watch the 10 best videos (the best two videos of each group of judges) and will rank them. The winner will be decided.  The cash prize will be awarded to the winner (3000 Euros).

2. Live performance and Web Community Prize

The best 70 videos will be posted in the 7 rooms of the 7 Virtual Jazz Club (10 videos per room). The video performances will remain visible for 30 days along. The web community will then have the opportunity to score the videos on YouTube, by liking or unliking the videos. Each voter may rate a video only once. By the end of this round, the web community prize (1000 Euros) will be assigned to the performance that got the highest vote during the live section.

The 2nd edition of 7 virtual jazz club competition is dedicated to the memory of ELLA FITZGERALD.



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